The Dambai Police Command is investigating the alleged drowning of a 30-year-old man in River Oti.

Fisherfolks retrieved the body of the deceased, David Gbande who was alleged to have fallen from a ferry during a crossing from Dambai to Checki overbank in the Oti Region.

The Dambai Municipal Police Commander, Superintendent, Mr Samuel Aboagye confirmed the incident to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) and said an official report was lodged at the office on Sunday.

Mr Aboagye said the body was retrieved on Wednesday and released to the deceased family for burial.

He said the Police Command had initiated investigations into the incident.

He said docket was prepared from the Municipal police command office to be submitted to the Regional police command for commencement of investigations.

The Ghana News Agency (GNA) gathered that the deceased came from Togo to visit his mother at Dambai in the Krachi East Municipality of the Oti Region and was making a return journey when the accident occurred.

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