Sexual Sadism And Masochism Disorder The Major Causes Of Marital And Relationship Abuse And Assaults; Mental Health Empowerment Is The Only Answer To Curb The Harms

Open Letter To:
Parliament, Minister For Gender And Children Affairs, Government And Other Relevant Stakeholders.

The rate of abuse and assault cases in relationships and marriages in Ghana needed a holistic approach to reducing the canker.
Abuse of drugs; alcohol, marijuana, etc are some causes but the major underlying problem is Sexual Sadism And Masochism Disorders.

Sexual Sadism And Masochism Disorders are two separate Psychological Disorders and each is categorized by the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V (DSM-V) as a paraphilia, which is a Sexual disorder characterized by socially unacceptable preoccupations or behaviors.

Sadism And Masochism Disorders are characterized by feelings of Sexual pleasures or gratification when inflicting sufferings on another person or having suffering inflicted upon one’s self respectively. Sadism And Masochism Disorders are both about the enjoyment of pains.
Sadomasochism is used to describe either the co-occurrence of Sadism and Masochism in one individual or as a replacement for both.
In some extreme cases, Sexual Sadism can lead to serious injury or death for the target of the Sadistic behavior.

The above background of the Sexual disorder is the leading contributing factor since it seems some partners enjoy causing harm to their partners for pleasures and they feel no remorse.
Just recently we heard several cases of people beating their partners to death, it will surprise you to know that the beatings weren’t once but several times.

Marriages are suffering from psychological and emotional abuses and it is high time the necessary stakeholders from government resource Mental Health Authority to help in attending to such cases.
It is just not a matter of human rights issues rather psychological and Sexual disorders that needed experts to handle them through therapies.

If care is not taken, those causing such sufferings and pains(Sadist) on their victims or those enjoying such pains or suffering (masochist) will soon also start agitating for their rights like the LGBTQ nonsense so their assault cases will be termed normal and no fault of theirs since they will argue out their cases by falling on some human right lawyers to helping them.

If our leaders don’t stand up now to giving priority to Mental Health Authority, we risked being doomed as a nation in some 5-10 years’ time.
America, UK, and some developed countries put Mental Health Health First before government appointees emoluments and it is helping to fight the canker they created for themselves as in human rights stuff.

I am looking forward to hearing government and like-minded stakeholders to giving necessary attention to Mental Health Authority Empowerment.
Thank you.

Bismark Kwabla Kpobi.
Mental Health/Psychiatric Nurse ( SSN)

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