Mr David Kpodo

Mr. David Kpodo, a trader who deals in the importation of tomatoes says that the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufu-Addo lied to parliament during the State Of the Nation Address on Tuesday.

The trader speaking in a video available to said the President in his address, which was broadcasted to the whole world, stated that Ghana is producing enough food and that we export foodstuff to neighboring countries.

David Kpodo expressed disappointment in the President because the statement is not true. He wondered why the President, being the first gentleman of the land and also the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces will stoop so low to tell a lie on record.

According to David, it is rather Ghana that is currently importing foodstuff from neighboring countries including Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mali. He said they travel all the way to these countries in spite of the dangers involved to buy tomatoes, onions, and so on to stay in business adding that since January till date, the tomatoes and onions that are sold on the various markets are imported from Mali, Burkina and Niger.

He also recounted the recent Press Conference which was organized by the Tomato Traders Association in Kumasi, calling upon the Government to come to their aid because of the rampant attacks by armed robbers on them when on the roads.

He said they were expecting the President to tell the nation what his Government is doing about the problem of armed robbery on drivers and traders, he is rather lying to the whole world that Ghana is exporting food to other countries.

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