Abronye DC

Mr. Abronye DC has cautioned men against investing in women ahead of marriage and rather invest in themselves. He said men who do that are just being “father christmas” adding that it is not a smart thing to do.

Commenting on the recent cases of women dying as a result of their partners beating them, Mr Abronye DC noted that there may be various factors that contribute to such situations.

Sometimes some men do feel that because they have invested in their partner, they resort to assaulting them whenever they suspect something else is going on behind them.

To him, it is not good for any man to physically assault his partner just on the grounds of mere suspicion or doubts. Even when there is enough reason to back the suspicion or even in situations where the man is right, assault is never the way to go.

Mr. Abronye DC called on men who resort to beating their partners in relationships to desist from the act since there is no basis to justify it. He went on to say that such behaviour will only land them in police custody or prison.

He also observed that in our modern soceity, things are not the same as the olden days in which our parents and grand parents were living in all modesty. Cost of living has changed based on the various lifestyles we have adopted. He said the introduction of mobile phones especially the smartphones have been a major contributing factor in many relationship problems.

Mr Abronye who was speaking on UTV’s Adekye Nsroma, ended by saying that he had always preferred customary marriage to the westernized marriage many have embraced now.

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