Regional Ministers should take the controlling lead in the fight against galamsey – Abu Jinapor

Abu Jinapor,

The Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor is courting the support of Regional Minister-designate to tackle the menace of illegal small scale mining.

Mr. Jinapor says Regional Ministers as representatives of the President in the Regions have an important role to play in the fight hence his engagement with them.

Speaking at a meeting with all 16 Regional Ministers designate in Accra, Mr. Jinapor expressed optimism about winning the fight against illegal small scale mining if Regional Ministers play an active part.

“The real problem has to do with the illegal small scale mining which all of us are very much aware tends to degraded the environment.”

“I think the regional ministers should take the controlling lead to be our arrowheads,” the new minister stressed.

Mr. Jinapor has been vocal about his commitment to tackling illegal mining since his vetting for his current portfolio.

The Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners pledged support to him and urged him to be resolute in the fight against illegal mining activities.

Mr. Jinapor has also assured that the Akufo-Addo is committed to combatting illegal mining despite the challenges encountered so far.

“I agree that you will often have people in your own party and chiefs trying to frustrate the [fight against illegal mining] but I want to give a firm assurance that if I get the approval of Parliament, I’m moving in there with all humility and modesty to apply the law without few or favour,” the minister said during his vetting.

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