Kumah Caesar Philip

Since news broke out about the death of Yesutor after she was assaulted by her fiancee, Kumah Caesar Philip, Deputy YEA Director in Akatsi North has been a topic of discussion amongst many women activist. Many have wondered what could have triggered such kind of assault from no less a person like a Deputy Director of a an institution such as Youth Employment Agency.

Some have wondered if his mother is still alive and whether she was aware about her son’s attitude with regards to his fiancee.

Interestingly, betterghanadigest.com came accross a special message crafted in the form of a poem, Kumah Caesar Philip posted on his facebook page, celebrating her mother on the 8th of March 2021 in recognition of International Women’s Day.

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You have stood like a rock in my life,

You were the only one, who comforted me with your words,

When I was surrounded by the pains of the world,

When everything seemed lost, you were there,

You wiped my tear; it brought us more and more near

Life would have been my world would have been meaningless,

You helped me stand again, and I will promise, I will promise like a shade.

Happy woman’s day Mum.?

Mom, I could never even hope to express just how much appreciation I hold in my heart for you, my loving mom. You have helped me in the toughest of times and you have celebrated by my side in the best of times. I am forever thankful for and to you. I love you with everything I have, and more. Thank you for being my mom.? I really have to make you proud.

Interestingly, a careful search on his page revealed that he did not post anything regarding his fiancee on International Women’s Day.

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