Thompson Mensah, Exec. Director-ASEPA

I have seen a statement from Sammy Gyamfi attacking the Speaker of Parliament, the Leadership of the Parliamentary Caucus and the entire members of Parliament for what he refers to as a betrayal!

Sammy Gyamfi and for that matter any member of the National Executives has lost any moral right to complain about what happened in Parliament yesterday.

The leadership of the Party had a responsibility to keep the MPs in line just as they did for the election of the Speaker, what happened yesterday was a collective failure of the leadership of the Party which Sammy Gyamfi is a part of and the MPs alone cannot be blamed!

If anyone betrayed the Party, the Leadership of the Party betrayed the Party first, where is your results as we speak?

Such face saving antics cannot be tolerated, the MPs could not have done what they did without some National Executives and Leadership of the Party not being complicit.

The likes of Sammy Gyamfi who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones ooo..yooo, cos they won’t have it easy!!!

And what was the fault of the Speaker of Parliament in this?
Is he the one who asked you not to collate your results?
Is he the one who took polling agents money and never delivered it?
Is he the one who threw away an easy elections that could have been won so easily by making all the wrong choices??

I’m just livid!!

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