Open Letter To Government: Increased Rate Of Suicides, Homicide And Crime In Ghana Need Holistic Approach Through Mental Health Empowerment – Bismark Kwabla Kpobi

    Bismark Kwabla Kpobi

    Suicide is the individual killing of oneself and Homicide is the individual killing of another person .

    Victims of suicide were predominantly males 85.92% with age range 10-86 years(1997-2019 ), and women most often the victims of Homicide . Suicide by hanging 67.94% , the use of firearms 18.32% ,and self poisoning 8.93% were the common methods used by the victims. Marital or relationships and family problems were commonly cited as the reasons for the commission of Suicides.

    Globally, it is estimated that one million people die of suicide every year; this translates to one death every 35 seconds . Many more attempt suicide and this often not disclosed , as suicide is deemed criminal in some countries . Suicide is the second leading cause of death among under 30 years old globally and occurs throughout the lifespan. Suicide accounted for 1.4% of all deaths worldwide.

    Ghana suicide death rate is estimated at 1500 annually. In the year 2020 and early weeks of 2021, there have been several news of individuals taking their lives . Most prominent among were some senior police officers and others. People hanging themselves, women poisoning themselves and their children , gun shots at self and targeted shooting of people perceived to be homicides , arm robbery and road accidents .

    Suicide commission is usually attributed to social and psychological problems. Solitary living, extreme helplessness, hopelessness,and worthlessness,or defeat and failure, which may result from depressive psychopathology,are often linked to suicidal ideations and then to suicide. Traumatic events ,such as the loss of close relation causes emotional distress and can lead to an ending inability to cope with the loss. Financial or legal difficulties are another. Social factors also triggers the suicidal and and homicidal tendencies. Abuse of drugs lead to increased crimes. Excessive thinking and stress lead some drivers causing suicide and homicide on the roads.

    With the above detailed information on suicide and homicide and crimes. It is my suggestions and appeal to parliament and for that matter government to help establish Utramodern Psychological And Counselling Hospitals in Ghana that will make it more convenient for prominent and wealthy people to access mental health care without mingling with those people receiving treatments at the psychiatric Hospitals to at least curb the stigmatisation.

    I believe, this will help reduce the suicidal ideations and homicides and then give Ghana a healthy nation full of healthy mental capacity in carrying out public and social tasks to boosting the economy and human resources.

    The future is Mental Health Empowerment for a healthy nation , Ghana.

    Bismark Kwabla Kpobi
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