Raymond Ablorh

The Supreme Court of Ghana is about to deliver what many citizens say is the most predictable court ruling in their lifetime. Yet, some think it’s unlawful to predict rains even when clouds are almost pouring to the ground.

It’s obvious that the incumbent, the Court, Peace Council and other relevant bodies are disturbed about post-judgement issues. This may be because of how the largest opposition reacted to what they consider rigged elections on their journey to the SC.

About half of the nation believes that the SC Justices helped the EC Chair to avoid interrogation to hide the truth, hence, the court may not deliver justice. The other half thinks the court has done a good job so far. To them, preventing Jean Mensa from being interrogated is the right thing to do legally.

Both sides already know what is yet to be told the nation just that with about half of the nation not percieving justice in this regard, the establishment is worried. Former SC Justice, William Atuguba, the National Peace Council and others have appealed to the nation to accept the ruling when announced and let peace reign.

My expectation is that just as the opposition accepted the 2013 ruling in pains eventhough they disagreed to the position of the court, this petitioner and his people too would do same.

My real fear, however, is that no party will go to the SC with such petitions again unless they’re in power where the possibility of being supported by the SC is very high to maintain equilibrium.

And, we may see the effect in 2024 and beyond. Meanwhile, if those responsible for the Techiman killings aren’t dealt with drastically we should expect bloody encounters next time.

After this case, I suggest the EC Boss, Jean Mensa respectfully resigns. The enmity that has grown between her and the biggest opposition can never support a peaceful democracy. We can’t afford to protect her with military men and armoured cars forever.

Today, the President looks more secured than her. I genuinely feel sorry for her. And, this is all about power.

Power that these men misuse and abuse to enrich themselves and their families and friends at the expense of the masses.