LGBTQ Sexuality And Its Health Complications: Ghana Does Not Have The Financial Muscles For That – Bismark Kpobie

Bismark Kwabla Kpobi

To start with, on this LGBTQ Sexuality issues, I want to state further that Ghana has no financial strength to treating the health complications associated with such practices. Already, the country is suffering from many health related problems including taking care of malaria death related to children under five and other health issues in the country.

The LGBTQ comes with a lot of health complications.The acceptance and affirmation of the sexuality is not the promised antidote for the problems inherent in LGBTQ.

To reiterate, The Gay Lesbian Medical Association GLMA in Canada described the following detrimental effects associated with LGBTQ: High rate of HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse eg alcohol, cocaine, marijuana etc, Depression/Anxiety, Hepatitis, certain cancers affecting the colon, eating disorders, Sexually Transmitted Illnesses eg Anal Papilloma/HPV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia etc. Also, Reduced Life Expectancy:- Dr J. Satinover documents that LGBTQ lose 25-30 years of their life span. Data presented by U.S Centre For Diseases Control And Prevention ,2010, stipulated how LGBTQ gets HIV 44 times as compared to others with normal sexuality.

With the aforementioned high risks of health related complications resulting from LGBTQ sexual practices, it is good we all stand against its legalisation of such activities in the country to save our fragile economy.

I still maintain that LGBTQ Sexuality is Mental illness and ultramodern Psychiatric Hospitals must be built to treat such people with psychological needs. Those promoting their activities and hiding behind human rights issues should be advised, because that is how the practitioners started

Those saying all sins are sins should seek education and know we have dimensions of sins and crimes hence God called some abominable sins, and the laws upgraded crimes: Insulting or assaulting can’t be equal to murder, likewise stealing a phone can’t be equated to assassination.

Together, let us stand firm and defend our social and moral values. The church should wake up and lead the way by preaching openly against LGBTQ without fear or favor. Let us get beyond fear of loosing a Visa or monies as in offertories and special fundraising.

To the government, I pray the open condemnation by the president is not one of the usual talks we do hear from politicians and they then look on while their appointees are seen behind the scenes to be carrying out the same things they publicly condemned.

We are all watching the president and his government on that and anyone in his government who is seen promoting the human rights of these LGBTQ people should be punished by Mr President and we the citizens will celebrate him for his actions and not the plenty talks.

God bless Ghana.

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