Elvis Darko

Journalist and managing editor of the Finder newspaper Elvis Darko has said that many leaders of religious and political bodies, media houses and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are unable to speak on the LGBTQI issue in the country for fear of being denied visas to countries of the West that have upheld rights of the LGBTQI community.

“Many religious, political, CSO, Media leaders are afraid to speak on the LGBTQI issue for fear of being denied visa to western countries,” he wrote on social media.

In recent times, the LGBTQI issue has been raging in the country following the opening of an office in the country to promote activities and programmes of the LGBTQI community.

But some well-known leaders of various sectors of the country have remained quiet on the matter leading to Mr Darko’s conclusion that it has to do with the acquisition of visas to the West, a major proponent for the legalization of LGBTQI rights globally.

Meanwhile many have called on the President to come clear on the activities of the community in the wake of the establishment of its office in the country.

Homosexuality is outlawed in the country and Ghanaians appear to be against the practice, arguing that it is inconsistent with the Ghanaian culture that allows love relationships only between males and females.

Notwithstanding, some Ghanaians have criticized persons obsessed with the LGBTQI issue when there are pressing matters to directly impact their lives such as corruption, nepotism, and road accidents.



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