COVID-19: Two vaccines authorised for use in Ghana by FDA

Mrs Delese Mimi Darko, Chief Executive Officer of the Food and Drugs Authority

The Food and Drugs Authority has indicated that they have authorised two vaccines to be administered in the country through the emergency use of authorization pathway.

Speaking at the COVID-19 vaccination rollout plan forum held by the Ministry Of Information on Friday, February 19, the Chief Executive Officer of the Food and Drugs Authority, Mrs Delese Mimi Darko explained that it was prudent to take that decision based on the authorization pathways.

“This is just to assure you that the FDA has used what we call the emergency use authorization pathway to authorize the two vaccines we have at the moment; that is the Covishield which manufactured from India and the Spotinic-v from Russia. Now, the emergency use authorization is a pathway that we use, that pathway is just to ensure that a needed medical product especially in a pandemic is made available in a timely manner so the only different thing is that we do it quickly so it could be used,” she said.

Ghana has recently seen a spike in its Coronavirus cases but authorities say measures are in place to curb the spread of the deadly virus which has claimed over 500 lives so far.