Tell Us The Source Of Funding For Your So Called 88 Hospitals; Even As You Have 8 Months Left To Go- Stephen Kwabena Attuh to Nana Addo

Stephen Kwabena Attuh

It has been projected that Nana Addo needs USD2 billion to build his 88 District Hospitals plus the 6 Regional Hospitals. It’s already estimated that the hospitals yet to be completed, would require some USD1.2 billion to complete.

Before I go to the critical issue, let me deal with the weakest of all logics that the free water and free electricity were not contained in the 2020 budget yet “we are enjoying them today”.

Just remember that we just lifted a cap on the Stabilisation Fund which gave some 1.2 billion Cedis for use for the purpose of providing social safety net. That must be clear. We don’t have any such funds to dip our hands in without sweat to build these hospitals.

Now, when we were faced with this coronavirus at the initial stages, the President told us that the Finance Minister had made available (ignore the subsequent narrative), some USD100 million Cedis equivalent which should stand at some Ghc560 million. As we speak today, not a Pence was or is made available from any resources locally.

When we needed money, even USD35 million, we had to run to the World Bank to access funds to help our fight against Covid-19.

In addition, when we needed money to safeguard and support our economy, we run to the IMF, the IMF we vowed we were never returning to under Nana Addo. We went for a USD1 billion for the purpose.

Our debt has risen to some 210 billion between 2017 and today. Nana Addo alone has added 210 billion to our debt stock without a hencoop after 40 months in power.

Per the projections, the USD2 billion would add an additional 11.2 billion Cedis to our debt stock, that which Nana Addo has added 210 billion to without a hencoop already.

He has 8 months to go and now promising to build 88 plus 6 specified hospitals.

Just connect the dots! Perhaps the sources of funding should be given right away so we can narrow down on the arguments.