What Moi did to ensure his children don’t fight over inheritance after his exit


    The departed former President Daniel arap Moi shared out his vast estate to all his dependants before illness took a toll on him.

    This revelation was made on Wednesday by retired AIC Bishop Silas Yego who confirmed that each of Moi’s children stands to get a share of their father’s estate which is estimated to be worth billions of shillings.

    “This was something that he did sometimes back before his condition deteriorated and lost his voice. He made sure he shared out his property among all his children and dependents.

    The Will was deposited with one of his lawyers that I cannot tell you,” Bishop Yego, who was Moi spiritual leader and close confidante said.

    Moi had eight children; Jennifer, Jonathan, Raymond, Philip, John Mark, Doris, June and Gideon.

    Bishop Yego said the former President confided in him that he did not want his children to fight over his property after his death, having seen what was happening to many prominent families after the demise of the patriarchs.

    Besides asking him to administer for him the last sacrament, Moi had also requested the cleric to preside over his funeral service at Nyayo National Stadium and during the burial at his Kabarak home, Nakuru County.

    “We have informed the government about the former President’s wish and we hope that they will abide by it,” he said.

    He also disclosed Moi’s last wish before he lost his voice: “ A prayer for his children to remain united and for Kenya to enjoy peace

    The former President had vast business interests in many sectors from large-scale farming, banking, real estate, transport and logistics, education and media.

    On Wednesday, a government-appointed team to plan a State funeral for the former President, who died at the Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday morning, held its first meeting even as preparations for the viewing of the body at Parliament Buildings kicked off.

    A tentative programme shows members of the public will be allowed to view Moi’s body at Parliament Buildings for three days from Friday where the former President will lie in State.

    “As we all know, this is going to be an elaborate State funeral that everything needs to be planned well. We have been in meetings the whole day planning for it. We shall give you all the details tomorrow,” Oguna said.

    Immediately President Uhuru Kenyatta announced Moi’s death and directed that he be accorded a state funeral, the Kenya Defence Forces took over the coordination, planning, security, and the ceremonial arrangements of the funeral.

    The former President’s was buried on Wednesday, February 12, 2020.

    Former President Moi’s family led by his sons Raymond and Gideon address the media at Kabarnet Gardens in Nairobi yesterday. Photo/PD/GERALD ITHANA