I AM NOT DONE WITH YOU, THIEF – Kevin Taylor Tells Ace Ankomah


    Kevin Taylor, has reacted to media reports suggesting that he has been ordered to pay GHS2.95 as damages by a court in Ghana. Among other things, Mr. Taylor said that nobody served him any summons to appear in any court here in Ghana.

    He stated that the private legal practitioner Ace Ankomah has filed a defamation case against a ghost in Ghana, which has resulted in damages of GHS2.95 million awarded against the defendant

    Speaking on his programme With All Due Respect following the judgement, Mr Taylor said: “I have a silver bullet for Ace Ankomah and I’m going to release it”, adding: “I’m not done with Ace Ankomah”.

    “If anybody is listening, tell Ace Ankomah I said: ‘I’m not done with you’”, Mr Taylor said.

    He added “The basis of Ace Ankomah’s case is weak like some old man’s balls” and further described the various media houses that reported on the matter as “idiots”.

    “I want people to understand that Ace Ankomah isn’t suing me Kevin. The name on that thing is Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor, I can confidently tell you guys that that is not my official name and I can confidently tell you guys that the address on that thing for Loud Silence Media isn’t that address.

    Loud Silence Media was registered, so, Ace Ankomah is actually suing a different person and Ghanaians are so excited; when I say Ghanaians, the newspapers, the media houses, the ignorant media house guys, the ignorant media, the hungry, butt-licking media guys, you guys are hungry.

    “All the papers that put my face as front [page], I just have a simple message for you: with all due respect, you guys are very very ignorant … I’m bigger than the President today, yea, my fellow journalists who are hungry, they can’t even sell 100 papers in a day but they take the time to put Kevin Taylor’s picture on their front page; put something better [there] that is going to sell your paper. You’re an idiot; my US$1 is your GHS6.70 and you are following me around. Are you stupid?”