Alhaji Saed Sinare, a leading member of the opposition National Democratic Congress has called on the Nana Akuffo Addo led NPP Government to give back everything they seized from the small scale miners in the name of the “Fight Against Illegal Mining”.

Talking about the 900 Missing Excavators Scandal, Alhaji Saed Sinare observed that everyone is concerned about the missing excavators that were seized from galamsey operators. However, no one is asking about the gold and other minerals as well as other items including cash, belonging to the small scale miners that were seized together with the excavators.

He called on Nana Akuffo Addo and his cronies to tell us how much gold and other minerals that were seized as a result of the various swoops by the operation vanguard team and tell Ghanaians where they are or how they were shared amongst themselves. 

Speaking at the inauguration of Zongo Caucus Working Committee in the Odododiodio constituency, Alhaji Saed Sinare said that each day comes with a new scandal from the NPP.           “In fact, you tune in to radio, TV or read the papers in Ghana there is one scandal here and there and what is worrying is the fact that most of these scandals are linked to Nana Addo or the presidency.”

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He recounted the Anas Expose, The Cash for seat scandal, the BOST Contaminated Oil Scandal, PDS, …just to mention a few, concluding that he is very sure there much more scandals that have been swept under the carpet because they are in power. He therefore assured the people that all such deals will be uncovered when the NDC takes over governance from the NPP.

He said if the NDC had opposed the move to stop galamsey by the Nana Addo, the NPP would have called them all sorts of names in a bid to incite their supporters and Ghanaians in general against the NDC. However, time has proven that the whole idea behind Nana Addo’s “Galamsey Fight” was to rob hardworking ordinary citizens of their livelihood, destroy their business, seize their belongings and then share it amongst their party financiers so that they can strengthen their sources of funding. “A very smart but dubious strategy that must be condemned by all”, he added.

He appealed to the media to delve deeper into the galamsey scandal and not limit it to just the 900 excavators that have been declared but in actual fact have been sold to NPP gurus. He urged the media to see the “fight against galamsey” as a scam and therefor probe every aspect of the so called operation vanguard’s activities, keeping in mind that it is the voiceless victims that have the real facts to their stories.

He urged members and supporters of the NDC to work very hard at their various branches in order that they win every poling station. “Elections are won at the poling station.”