Rockson Nelson Etse Defeamekpor

A member of the legal affairs committee of parliament who represents the people of South Dayi on the ticket of the NDC Rockson Nelson Etse Defeamekpor has defended the airbus saga involving some unnamed officials in the Mills-Mahama administration.

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According to him, the government of Ghana did not lose any money in the deal and the payments were made based on an agreement and contract executed.

Fingers have been pointing at some officials in the NDC with many alleging NDC flagbearer John Mahama could be the unnamed official codenamed ‘Government Official 1.’

See the 10 reasons the NDC MP gave:

1. Airbus hired a British with a Ghanaian heritage and his Company to be their Agent in brokering a Sales and Purchase Agreement with the Ghanaian Government.

2. Airbus paid the Agent Fees (commission) to the British Company, in consonance with the contract between the two companies.

3. Airbus never stated in its case before the British court that it had paid monies to any Ghanaian public official.

4. The SFO which investigated Airbus did not say the Ghana government has lost money in the process of buying the Military Jets from Airbus.

5. Government of Ghana did not pay any monies to the British Company that was working as Agent for Airbus.

6. No Ghanaian official was accused of having denied competitors of Airbus the opportunity to win the contract to supply the Air Crafts to the military.

7. Nowhere in the document was it alleged that the cost of the Aircraft was inflated to the disadvantage of Ghana.

8. Ghana used the funds secured for defence purposes to purchase the Military Aircraft to boost the capacity of the Ghana Armed Forces.

9. Airbus did not allege that the Ghanaian Government Official benefited from the Agency Fees paid to the British Agent. For we do not know what it means to be described as ‘closely related to an elected high government official’

10. The SFO did not establish that the Agent (Intermediary 5) passed on their commission/fees (£3 million fees) to the Ghanaian Officer.

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