A notorious fraudster’s cup run full when he tried scamming a Deputy Director for National Security, Hopeson Adorye.

The fraudster, Jonas Awuah, who is part of a group that rips many big men of their monies by offering them fake lucrative deals didn’t go home smiling as usual when he targeted the NPP leading member.

Admitting he’s involved the trade on his arrest, Mr Awuah pleaded for mercy and forgiveness in a video Hopeson Adorye shared on Facebook.

Narrating what had happened, Mr. Adorye could be heard in the background saying the suspects call unsuspecting persons to present them with a juicy offer of supplying an ‘oil well cement’ to the West African Gas Pipeline and Bui Dam, a deal which will see them making huge profits.

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“The cement is very small, and one is GH¢5,000 and they will tell you to supply about 50 or 60 boxes. When you calculate you realise you will make about GH¢510,000 as profit so you’ll be convinced to get involved.”

The cement is beautifully packaged but when opened, their victims realise it contains ordinary sea sand.

According to Hopeson Adorye, many big men in the country have fallen victim to this scam and he almost joined the list.

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He paid GH¢5,000 to get the first pack of cement and Jonas Awuah and had gone to take GH¢55,000 to get him more when he was arrested.

The other suspects which Mr Adorye says include two other Ghanaians and two Indians, called to have the matter settled in secret when they found out their counterpart had been busted.

Jonas Awuah, pleading for mercy, said he is only a messenger who receives orders through phone calls.