Ambulances: Ignore Nana Addo and the NPP’s plea for four more years – NDC to Ghanaians

Hon. Abdullai Zam-Atu Gambo,- Dep. Reg. Organizer (Greater Accra), NDC

Honorable Abdullai Zam-Atu Gambo, the deputy regional organizer of the NDC in the Greater Accra Region has called on Ghanaians to ignore Nana Addo and the NPP’s plea for four more years because they have nothing good to offer apart from wasting state resources.

In an exclusive interview with Sellassie K.A. Sokpe of, honourable Gambo expressed great concern about the way and manner in which president Nana Akuffu Addo has handled the presentation of the ambulances procured by government on behalf of the people of Ghana.  

Honorable Abdulai Zam-Atu Gambo wondered why there should be a “grand celebration” of such magnitude over just a mere purchasing and presentation of ambulances meant for hospitals that are located in Ghana. “As if this was the first time this nation is getting an ambulance”, he added.

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He wondered why a government which came into power on the promise of protecting the public purse would rather spend so much time and money on an exercise of this kind, to the extent of busing party members and supporters to the event grounds. The printing of banners and all other expenses associated to the event is needless. “A complete waste of state resources and abuse of power.”

In his opinion, the money spent on this event alone could have been used to buy a number of beds for the many hospitals in an attempt to deal with the “No Bed Syndrome” which is another challenge within our health delivery system.

Again, according to him, since the ambulances are meant to be used by various hospitals under the Ghana Health Service, one would have thought that the ambulances would have been presented to the Ministry of Health or the Ghana Health Service for onward distribution or presentation to hospitals taking into consideration where they are most needed.

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He expressed surprise over the fact that the President rather decided to present the ambulances to Members of Parliament, who are not key actors of the health delivery and administration system.  “I wonder if it is a move to link it to their so called 1million dollar per constituency promise which has been proven to be a hoax anyway”.  

He observed that Nana Addo is only interested in creating opportunities to enable him together with his family and friends as well as his bunch of MPs who are all incapable of advising him to loot and share state resources. “It is very clear that their agenda is to waste tax payers’ money on very frivolous activities only to score political points.

He is therefore calling upon the people of Ghana to put a stop to this waste of our resources by voting out Nana Addo and the NPP come December 2020 and to bring back John Mahama and the NDC for the continuation of the massive development projects he had started in all sectors of the economy.