Crime: “Ninja” Armed Robber shot by Police in a crossfire


A masked armed robber ninja-style, Seidu Salifu has been shot in the ankle after he and two other accomplices attempted robbing a distribution van at Tinga close to Banda Nkwanta in the Bole District of the Savannah Region.

The suspect identified as 25-year-old Seidu Salifu, named one Sumaila and Elliasu all from Bole as his ‘aides’ and they are being sought after by the police.

Police disclosed to that the suspect and his accomplices have gained notoriety in terrorizing residents of the area but did not know that their criminal activities were being monitored by the security agencies.
According to them, a policeman escorting the distribution van with the driver and a sales person onboard were ambushed by the gang of masked armed robbers who had emerged from a nearby bush and started firing at them between Banda Nkwanta and Tinga.

The armed policeman also returned fire which hit the ankle of the arrested suspect and in the process his colleagues fled into the bush leaving him to his fate.