JM & Lawyer Sosu Supporter makes impact as he carries a huge placard of them everywhere


A man, believed to be from the Madina Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, has taken his support for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Presidential Candidate John Mahama and the Parliamentary candidate for the Constituency, Francis Xavier Sosu to a different level by carrying a sizable campaign placard of them on his head everywhere he goes.

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The extraordinary fanatic has been spotted at different locations in Madina with the huge placard smiling suggestively to passersby and drawing their attention to the placard.

His unprecedented step has attracted the attention of the parliamentary candidate, Francis Xavier Sosu, who has expressed profound gratitude and his desire to meet him personally.

In August last year, the private legal practitioner Francis Xavier Sosu was elected as the NDC parliamentary candidate for Madina constituency for the 2020 general elections.

The lawyer polled 661 to beat his closest contender Mr Sidii Abubakar who polled 480 votes.

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