Comic Actor, Kalybos has dispelled reports suggesting he has been poisoned. Some news outlets reported that the comic actor was poisoned and was battling for his life. The reports were backed by photos that gave them the needed backing. But in a post on his Instagram page, Kalybos said he has not been poisoned.

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He said ” These news circulating that KALYBOS has been poisoned. Please and Please it’s not TRUE and it’s a false story. It’s a scene from the Movie ‘THINK SMART’ same movie that came up saying I got married which was also not TRUE. I beg of you, all these so acclaimed Bloggers and Reportors… your first action to such rumors should be a direct confirmation from the person before publicizing such stories. Life is important you don’t play with them. How I wish some foreign laws apply in this country… I would have sue some idiots and be rich. God bless us all”.

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