2019 Audit to include assets, liabilities declaration by public officer holders

Daniel Yao Domelevo - Auditor General

The Auditor-General has directed that all staff of the Ghana Audit Services and other firms auditing on his behalf to ensure that public officers declare their assets and liabilities. 

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Daniel Yao Domelevo’s directive is in compliance with the provisions of Article 286 of the Constitution and Public Office Holders (Declaration of Assets and Disqualification) Act, 1998, (Act 550).

The legislations provide that a person who holds a public office shall submit to the Auditor-General a written declaration of all properties or assets owned by or liabilities owed; directly or indirectly. 

Such officers are to do so before taking office, at the end of every four years and at the end of the officer’s term.

The Auditor-General stressed that auditors should “note that anyone who declared, has a receipt issued to him or her when the declaration is made.”