Refined Yunzhi Essence possess broad immune stimulatory properties that helps to booster the body’s defenses against microbes and an array of cancers and also assists with immune function, high in vegetable proteins, promotes good health and vitality.

Refined Yunzhi Essence from Natural Turkey Tail Mushroom (Yunzhi) is made up of Yunzhi Essence, Polysaccharide Peptide – Krestin, PSP – Polysaccharide which is very essential in enhancing immunity system and improving energy and vitality.

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Refined Yunzhi Essence reduces pain during episodes of serious immune challenges and a strong cancer treatment by detering abnormal cell growth.

It increases the white blood cell and lymphocytes and reduces chemotherapy effects.

Refined Yunzhi Essence is a post partum medication to help contract the birth canal and very good on working on gynecological problems e.g fibroid cytes.

Refined Yunzhi Essence fights hormonal imbalance thus very good for menopausal syndromes. It raises female libido and enhances orgasms and its a great Dymenorrhea that cleans and avoids painful or difficult menstruation.

Good for malignant melanoma, metastatic cerebroma, lung carcinoma, malignant lymphoma, Leukemia, esophagus carcinoma, mammary carcinoma and uterus carcinoma more than 40 cancers.

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