We hope your “Red Gold Green Free SHS” succeeds – NDC to NPP

Sylvester Mensah

In what appeared to be a disguised jab at the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), opposition National Democratic Congress said it hopes what it calls “Red Gold Green Free SHS” will succeed by the time they come to government again.

The NDC made this statement when they were given the opportunity to deliver a customary solidarity message at the conference of the ruling party.

The NDC has accused the NPP of turning SHS education in Ghana into a traffic light compromising quality and causing confusion among parents.

“It will be good for the over trumpeted red, gold, green Free SHS to succeed so that the in-coming NDC government in 2020 can sustain and improve it to make it better for all Ghanaians – Ghana will be the winner for that.” The NDC said.

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Reading the statement on behalf of his party, an NDC stalwart and former NHIS boss Sylvester Mensa said the solidarity platform “serves as an acknowledgement of the aspirations we share, at a time when politics has unfortunately become acutely exclusive, fractious and divisive. Such solidarity reminds us all that political rivalry ought not to be misconstrued as enmity. Our politics should be a contest of ideas to take this country forward and not a reason to tear it apart.”

“Our ideologies, policies and approaches may be different, but that is the beauty of political pluralism. Fundamentally, however, we share a common purpose and aspiration – to provide political leadership for the development of our dear country. We need to demonstrate to our ardent supporters that we are not at war with each other, and that our common enemies are poverty, hunger, disease (PHD), ignorance, underdevelopment, corruption, mismanagement and poor leadership. What unites us is indeed deeper and stronger than our differences.”

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