Govenor -Member of NDC communication Team, Oti Region

Governor, a communication team member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Oti region has fired back at His Excellency, the vice president, Dr Bawumia after he(Bawumia) passed a loose statement in the Northern region by insinuating that, His Excellency, the former president John Dramani Mahama has no legacy in the Northern region.

Governor described this comment from the vice president as petty and incorrect and has called upon him to retract and apologise to John Mahama.

Speaking on ke fm 92.1 in Oti Region, the communication team member made it clear that, if His Excellency, John Mahama had no legacy in northern region at all, being the first gentleman from the Northern region to have been elected as president in the fourth republic of Ghana is a legacy and northerners are proud of it.

He challenged the Vice President to also try in his political career and be the second person to have come from the Northern region to be elected as president in Ghana, before he can compete with John Mahama in terms of legacies.

Governor asked whether Bawumia’s image had ever appeared on a ballot paper to be voted for in any elections!.

According to him, His Excellency, John Mahama has been an Assembly man for two terms and a member of parliament (MP) for two terms and finally became a president, all through elections.

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Governor added that, if Bawumia doesn’t understand what is “legacy”, he should go back to the drawing board and learn. He said, the road on which Bawumia drove his car on to his hometown was constructed and tarred by John Mahama. Countless of John Mahama’s community day Senior High Schools are visible throughout the three northern regions. Regional hospitals were built by John Mahama in the three northern regions.

The Tamale airport was upgraded to international status by John Mahama. Many clinics and chip compounds were equally established throughout the Northern regions to help the local people access medical care. Many basic schools were built to eradicate schools under trees in the three northern regions. Thousands of boreholes were dug to provide portable water for the people of Northern region.

According to Governor, if Bawumia does not see all the above projects as well as those that have not been mentioned as a legacy but rather thinks poisoning his own people in the Northern region by sharing expired food items to them is a legacy, then His Excellency John Dramani Mahama wish never to have a legacy.

Governor concluded by advising the vice president, to stick to his job as a vice president than portraying himself as a serial caller.

He also urged Bawumia to think about his political career in the New Patriotic Party, since he (Bawumia) has been sidelined by the Senior Minister, Yaw Osafo Marfo and only calls on him when it comes to donkey works.

He said Bawumia’s political career in Npp has almost come to an end and Ghanaians are seriously waiting to see, if he(Bawumia) will get the chance to lead Npp to be elected as president in Ghana after Nana Addo Dankwa Akkufo tenure. He again reminded Bawumia not to forget about what happened to Aliu Mahama, Kufour’s vice president after Kufour’s exit and he (Bawumia) will not be an exception.



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