Ex President J.J. Rawlings

Ex-President Jerry Rawlings has denied media reports that he has spoken to the presidency about developments regarding a separatist group Homeland Study Group Foundation in the Volta region.

“The former President intends to issue a statement on the developments in due course,” a statement from his office Thursday said, disassociating himself from the reports.

The Homeland Study Group Foundation has been agitating for the region and other parts of the country including portions of the Oti, Northern, North East, and Upper East Region to be ceded from Ghana.

The group argues the 1956 plebiscite, in which the people of the mentioned areas which formed Western Togoland voted to join Ghana was a problematic one.

They also claim the agreement included forming a union and promulgating a unionist constitution with Ghana; in the absence of that, the Western Togoland could separate from Ghana after 50 years.

They argue the said conditions were not met hence they demand independence for the region.

The separatists have been condemned by many individuals and groups with reports suggesting Mr Rawlings has commented about them

But the statement clarified that “Former President Rawlings has neither written to Government or made any public statement on the separatist declaration.”

His office implores the media and public should please disregard the report.