Ohemeng Ian Moore Is A Disgrace To Our Democracy – Seth Dovlo

Mr. Seth Dovlo - Nat. Vice Chairman, BBJM2020 Network
Ohemeng Ian Moore

Mr. Seth Dovlo has described Ohemeng Ian Moore, a New Patriotic Party (NPP) activist who is also an Assembly Member for Abrepo-Mpatasie in the Kumasi metropolis as a disgrace to our democracy following his irresponsible attack on Rex Omar.

Ohemeng Ian Moore has been reported in the news to have told all time highlife legend Rex Omar that his songs are like the party he supports (which is the NDC).

Since this irresponsible statement was reported, there have been a lot of responses from music lovers, civil society activists as well as political commentators across the nation and also on social media.

According to Mr. Seth Dovlo, National Vice Chairman of the BringBackJM2020 Network, Ian More, by his position as an assembly member is not permitted by law to participate in partisan politics.

He added that even though it is an open secret that the situation as at now is not so, and that almost all the assembly members are affiliated with one political party or the other; it was really very unfortunate on the part of Ohemeng Ian Moore to openly declare his affiliation with the New Patriotic Party, to the extent of being referred to as a strong activist of the NPP and widely known as a member of the NPP communication team.

Ohemeng Ian Moore (right) on a campaign platform in 2016

“What is more shameful is the fact that he made such loose utterances live on radio, in view of the fact that one could not be sure who was listening to him at the time”. Mr. Seth Dovlo lamented.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with betterghanadigest.com, Mr. Seth Dovlo observed that many of the NPP top men and women have recently resorted to making very derogatory statements in a bid to respond to supporters of the NDC and by so doing, they end up insulting the intelligence and integrity of Ghanaians in general.

He recalled the Communications Minister referring to Ghanaians as witches because they were complaining of hardships. Mr. Ken Ofori Atta has also been reported to have said that Ghanaians are ungrateful.

He therefore called on the people of Abrepo-Mpatasie in the Kumasi metropolis to vote massively against Ohemeng Ian Moore to ensure that they do not politicize developmental projects or activities of the assembly in their electoral area, if any at all.