Awurama creates 24,840 jobs in plastic recycling project

Ms Awurama Kena-Asiedu

A 25 year old graduate from the University of Ghana, Awurama Kena-Asiedu is set to provide 24,840 jobs to Ghanaian youth through a company which recycles and reuses plastic waste to produce quality bags for children under the school going age, called RAMAPLAST .

The project, according to Ms Awurama Kena-Asiedu creates rural and urban economy stabilization through regional industrialization and job creation. She stated that the production process involves the collection, segregation, thorough cleaning and sewing of plastic waste,each process requiring labor.
“The problem of unemployment will be tackled as small scale industries will be created and myriads of people trained in the various stages of the production process” she added

She emphasized that the project will reuse plastic waste which would otherwise choke up sewage outlets,lead to flooding and epidemic.In extreme cases lives are lost.

Over the years we have witnessed plastic waste swallow the entire country, leaving animals and man in a consistent battle with these pollutants for healthy space. RAMAPLAST is a step in the right direction towards curbing this menace.