Prophet Nigel Giasie

Founder and Leader of True Word Prophetic Fire Ministry, Prophet Nigel Giasie, has made a shocking revelation about a current female Minister of State in the Akufo-Addo government continues to have sexual intercourse with her biological father even though she is married.

According to the controversial prophet, the minister’s father, a military man, began having sexual intercourse with her when she was a child. And he has continued to have sex her ever since and not even her marriage has stopped it or reduced the frequency of this dastardly act.

Speaking to Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii on Kofi TV monitored by, the Prophet revealed how his attempts to help her stop the ungodly practice has so far failed.

“Currently we have a Minister of State, a female Minister of State has sexual intercourse with her own father. God revealed it to me. I sent her a text but she refused to reply. If it had been my earlier days as a prophet, I would have mentioned her name publicly. But now, I won’t. But later, they will see the effects of their sexual intercourse. She is a Minister of State now [in this current NPP administration],” he said.

Asked how the issue could be resolved, he said that he knew how to help them overcome the temptation to have sex but the Minister has so far ignored him.

“They have been having sex since her childhood. God revealed it to me. I sent her a message. I know she read it. But she didn’t reply…She is married…God revealed to me how she could do away with the “affection” that leads them to have sex when they meet,” he added.

The prophet then complained about how Ghanaian prophets get discredited by Ghanaians while other prophets of other nationalities do well.

“I am tired; Ghanaians destroy one another,” he cried out.

The prophet is well known for his controversial prophecies that get much debated in the media.