Dr. Wiafe Addai (Right) speaking at the Health Screening Prog. at Kpobiman

Dr. Wiafe Addai, the Founder and President of Breast Care International, has called on women both young and old to be more interested in knowing their health status at any given point in time. She was speaking at a Health Screening and Awareness Program organized for the people of Kutunse Electoral area over the weekend.

In her presentation, Dr. Wiafe Addai, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Peace and Love Hospitals, took the people through various topics including Breast Cancer and its causes, prevention and care.  She also touched on other illnesses including Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and the need for good nutrition.

Particularly on breast cancer, she stressed on the need to go for frequent health screening in order to have it detected very early. She therefore called on the private sector and other religious bodies to partner with civil society organizations to organize more of such programs since they are of great benefits to society in general.

Hon. Selina Avevor (Middle)

The program, which is an annual event organized solely by Hon. Selina Avevor with support from Breast Care International, took place on Saturday the 31st of August 2019 at the Kpobiman Park.

According to Hon. Selina Avevor, even though the program started a little later than it was planned, everything went on smoothly as she had expected. Especially with the number of patrons who were largely ladies between the ages of 14 to 70years; coming from Kutunse, Treba, Kpobiman, Satellite and its surrounding areas.  

The patrons were screened for breast cancer, hypertension, BP, Sugar levels as well as weighing of children under 5years. Items such as de-wormers as well as some blood tonics were distributed to nursing mothers.  

At the end of the screening exercise, 8 cases were recorded involving some women who had lumps in their breasts. They have all been referred to the Peace and Love Hospital at Spintex Road, Accra for treatment at a discounted fee.

There was one other very serious case involving a young lady by name Margaret who has sore all over her breast. Because of the severity of the pain, Margaret has been referred to Peace and Love Hospital in Spintex Road, Accra for a series of tests to be done in order to confirm if it is really a case of breast cancer. The test is estimated to cost over GHC 1,000.00 which neither she nor her relatives could afford.

Hon. Selina Avevor took the opportunity to express her gratitude to the various organizations and individuals that supported her prior to the organization of the program as well as during the program; emphasizing that without their support she would not have been able to organize the program. These are…

  • Breast Care International (BCI)
  • Peace & Love Hospitals
  • Voltic Ghana Ltd.
  • Twellium Industries Ltd
  • KK Peprah
  • Kpobiman Goil Service Station
  • Kutunse Goil Service Station
  • Boafo Ye Na
  • Danex Eyton Pharmaceuticals
  • Geomedicore pharmaceuticals, Kutunse
  • Perpetual Eye Care, Kotoku
  • Kpobiman Welfare Association

Other Health partners include the following:

  • P & L Hospital
  • Health Keepers Network
  • Perpetual Eye Care Amasaman
  • Shallom Clinic, Kpobiman
  • Ga West Municipal Health Directorate