Child poverty in Ghana up by 70% – NDPC


    A recent survey by the National Development Planning Commission has revealed that, child poverty is still a major problem in Ghana.

     The work shows that 70% of Ghanaian children lack access to adequate welfare.

    This means that only a few young ones have access to proper security, education and other amenities necessary for proper growth of a child.

    “Looking at monetary poverty alone the number was 28% but once we delved deeper and looked at various dimensions of poverty, we saw the average sum is well over 70% of Ghanaian Children,” recounted Dr. Felix Addo-Yobo,  Acting Director, Development Policy Division of the NDPC.

    Joy News’ Piesie Nana Yaw Sarfo reported from Agbogloshie, the sorry state of children roaming the commercial District in the Greater Accra region with careless abandon.

    Three boys of school-going age are tagged along what seems to be an endless spread of garbage; they head towards the Korle lagoon where odour from the polluted lagoon fills the air. No school, no supervision and no parent to help them navigate their future.

    Many children come to this place as a result of accompanying their working mothers, mostly traders.

    Vida, a trader who shared her concern said: “it is a really disturbing situation, many of the children migrated from other places without their parents and so they leave their lives anyhow.”