I believe in action now – Sedina Matanawui to NDC

Sedina Matanawui - Aspiring NDC Parliamentary Candidate, Tema Central Constituency

Sedina Matanawui, is aspiring for parliamentary candidature for the NDC in the Tema Central Constituency. Betterghanadigest.com caught up with her on her campaign train and had a conversation with her.

Why did she choose to go into politics?

“For some of us, as I always say, we were born into politics and from birth our family had always been NDC attributed. We are still NDC and always have seen NDC paraphernalia every time as we were growing up and so it was a natural push for us to continue as we grew older.”

“Naturally because I had been part of the party for a while and as we progress and reorganize, I realized that it was important for one of our own to take the position of parliamentary candidature as the time has emerged.”

“ I am doing this out of the passion to serve, and out of the love I have for the NDC, and as a service to my people at this point in time when we are all looking forward to bring back the NDC into government and to push the agenda of his excellency President John Dramani Mahama and the NDC forward. That is why I am contesting at this time”.

“There are various levels of leadership wherever you go. For me I started at the branch level, grassroot level as branch women organizer, and then I went to the constituency level as an executive member. And since the time has come for us to select a candidate to represent the party at the 2020 elections, I feel that is the next level or step I must take to serve my people”.

“I could have chosen to wait for our government to come into power and then lobby for MCE, DCE, Ministerial or any other position, but I chose the contrary”.

“I feel that we shouldn’t wait till that time, as we all need to put our hands together, we all need to work hard to actually win the seat, and to win power and then after that, whichever position that comes at that point in time, we will step in to occupy which ever capacity we are called to serve”.

“I believe in action now. And the action now is parliamentary position and that is what I am vying for now. I don’t think waiting is the best option, I believe in action now. Like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said, self-Government now”.

How will she deal with the division in Tema Central Constituency?

“I don’t think that there is any division in Tema Central constituency, what we are seeing in Tema central is just competition and that is bound to occur. The constituency was formed from Tema West and Tema East, in 2012 and 2016 the Parliamentary candidate went unopposed”.

“This is actually the first time we are contesting for an election in Tema Central, so it is a new thing all together to the delegates and members and so the competition has made all these tensions to arise but I don’t think there is any division because at the end of the day we still see ourselves as party members under the umbrella. The aim and the will for every party member now is achieving power in 2020”.

“At the moment I have also served at different levels of the party. I have a very good rapport with old executives, ward coordinators, former executives, current constituency executives, government appointees and friends of Tema central as well as all members of the party”.

“I have always been an embodiment of unity and my members and my delegates here can attest to the fact that I preach unity wherever I go, and its actually one of my campaign messages that we all unite under the great umbrella, the great NDC, to bring victory to the party in 2020”.

What makes her think that she is the best candidate?

“As in whether I am the best or not, that is for the delegates of Tema Central to decide. So far as I am concerned, I am only offering myself as a servant to serve the people of Tema Central constituency”.

“I have my strengths, attributes and competitive advantage that I believe the delegates, who are discerning will look at and actually decide come the 24th of August as to who would lead them as their Parliamentary Candidate in this constituency.”

“For me I have served them from the grassroots level, to the branch level, to constituency level. I know the structures of our constituency, I know the key stakeholders of the constituency, I have worked with them and I am part of the constituency. I believe that the people will be discerning enough to choose one leader who is serviceable, one who is selfless, and one who can bring them all together and unite and organize us to work together”.

“All we want is to win power. And as such, we need somebody who can organize us and bring us together to achieve that. I believe that is what I bring to the people of Tema Central of which I believe will be the key decision for them to make on the 24th of august 2019 when we go into the election”.

“Just like any group or society and a political party we have enormous challenges, but I believe we have to tackle them one step at a time. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.  I was privy to the happenings in the constituency as I had the privilege to be the secretary to the organizing team, whilst I was a constituency executive.”

“We have tried to identify the challenges we had in 2012 and 2016, which led to our defeat in the general election and key amongst those challenges are our inability to organize ourselves properly towards the general elections and also our choice of candidate for the parliamentary position within this constituency.”

“I believe we have started working on them already and so we have reached a time that we need to focus on those and that is where we need to choose who is capable of organizing us and leading us to the general elections. I believe in the people of Tema central, I believe in the vision, I believe in the plans, and I believe in the programs we have and believe we are going to make it in 2020”.

“Apathy occurred because as a party, our communication to our grassroots was inadequate and poor, and the people who left with no choice believed in the grapevines that were circulated back then by the NPP, which was falsehood”.

“This time around, by God’s Grace, we all have realized that, when you compare the NDC to the NPP government, the NDC did much better. The love for the NDC is reviving back, the apathy therefore is gradually dying out”.

What if she loses the primaries?

“I am a member of a branch, I belong to the NDC, I have been seen working with the party long before I decided to contest the parliamentary elections, and so if I don’t win”.

“I will still be an active member of the party. I will support whoever wins this candidature and we will help the person rally, campaign vigorously in Tema central to win the 2020 elections and we will continue to serve the NDC, God willing”.

What will she do to unite the party after winning the primaries?

“Just like I said, one of the key messages of my campaign is unity. By God’s grace, everybody can attest to the fact that I am on very good terms with all the candidates contesting for parliament in my constituency. I will bring them all together on my campaign train”.

“I will help them to lead the campaign at various strategic positions, this will whip up the interests of their followers as well and we will have a united front into 2020. And from our camp, we don’t have defamatory comments about any of the candidates. All we are doing is based on love”.

To the NDC, she had this to say.

“My message to the NDC in general is that 2020, God being so good is another opportunity for us to take power from the NPP government to NDC. We all need to come together as a party, as a body, let us rebuild that love that we once had for our party, let us forgive each other and erase all items of apathy in our hearts.”

“Let us unite as a party from the branch level, to the constituency level to the national level. Let us make 2020 possible for all of us to be happy people and all of us to be fulfilled members of our party”.

She called on the delegates to make a very good decision by voting number one which is her position on the ballot paper.

“When you go, please and please again, I humbly ask and plead with you that you vote number one so that we unite ourselves to ginger up and win 2020 elections.”

“My pledge is to ensure that come 2020 general elections, I will project the NDC and project the vision of his excellency John Dramani Mahama our flagbearer and to unite and reorganize and charge the whole of Tema Central Constituency so that we win the elections both the parliamentary and the presidential elections in 2020”.