Abraham Tettey Teye is an aspiring parliamentary candidate in the Kpone Katamanso Constituency.

In an interview granted exclusively to betterghanadigest.com on Friday, he shared his thoughts on a number of issues in relation to his endeavor.

In responding to why he chose to do politics, he said politics is just a way of serving people. He believes that one needs political power to be able to serve his or her people on a larger scale. “You have to carry their needs and wants to the house for them to be addressed. It is about what your people want and my people have seen me as one person who can serve their interest”.

According to him, there have been calls from various segments of the constituents, from the youth, the women, traditional leaders, religious leaders and the masses, for him to contest and lead the constituency. “So I am responding to their call” he said.

Abraham Tettey Teye said he has been in politics since 1992, however he got actively involved in the NDC in 1996. “I chose the NDC because the NDC believes in social democracy with development as the main goal.

“I believe in our motto which is UNITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND DEVELOPMENT, and I buy into that hundred percent. In fact I share in the philosophy of the NDC”. He went on to say that the NDC is one party that develops the youth. Since I am part of the youth, it is important I attach myself to the party that will help me to develop myself as a person, in order to contribute to society in general”.

He disagreed with people who think that, he chose to go into politics because of his personal interests, by way of amassing wealth. For him, it’s their opinion and they are entitled to it.  

“I don’t see it to be that. I as a person, I am not going into politics to make money, because that is not it. Whatever money you make there is for the development of the constituency and Ghana at large. You are being paid for what you work for as MP’s allowance. That is what you are entitled to. Aside from that I don’t know where you will get any other money that you will say you want to create wealth for yourself”.

Abraham Tettey Teye says he is offering himself to serve his people on a broader level since he is already doing that in his small way.

“I am helping in providing jobs and helping them in many other ways. But they believe in order for me to help them in a broader way, I need a broader voice that will carry their messages around. That is the more reason I am contesting, to serve my people’.

“I am their servant, I am not going there for them to be my servant”. ‘I am not going to amass any wealth for myself. No, I did not enter into politics to do that and I won’t do that”.

Abraham Tettey Teye believes that as an MP, it is very important to always be in touch with the people, explaining issues to them rather than making promises that can’t be delivered and then eventually living a lifestyle that is different from the way they knew you when you were seeking their mandate.

When asked why he feels his is the best man for the position, he had this to say…

“We are all qualified because we came out of the vetting successfully, however I believe I am the most qualified amongst all other aspirants because of my strength. My strength lies in attracting people and also serving people. Politics is about numbers, it is about winning people over. In my case, the people who are knocking on my door to lead them are the people who will vote for me and my party”.  So I stand tall among them, he added.

Abraham Tettey Teye said Ghanaians are calling the NDC back because the NDC lost the 2016 elections simply because they felt the people will consider the mass infrastructural developmental projects undertaken by the John Mahama; and then vote for the NDC.

Unfortunately, the people believed the lies and deception peddled by the NPP at the time. This time they will work hand in hand with the constituents going down to the last person in order to secure victory come 2020.

He debunked the idea or notion that most young people become arrogant when they get into political office. He said he will never become arrogant as other young people who become public figures. Saying.. “Arrogance has never been in my dictionary, and I will never be. I was brought up in a Christian way and in Christianity, arrogance is a sin”.

He said even though he is a Christian, he has a lot of friends who are Muslims so he is very confident he will be able to win all Muslims in the constituency. In fact even some of my friends are willing and ready to accompany me to the various Muslim communities so that they can help translate my message to the people to enable them understand me.

On the review of the free SHS policy, he supported the position of the party and said that it was important because of the current difficulties associated with the implementation of the policy. However, a review to him, means taking a second look at the policy in order to correct the wrongs.

Probably, some of the key areas will be to focus on continuing with the existing buildings that have been abandoned by the NPP and also putting up new building to accommodate the students in order to abolish the double track system. He said there will be the need to employ more teachers as well. “We are going to buy what the party will bring as the policy on Free SHS.

In case he does not win the primaries, he said he will accept the results in good fate and continue to support the NDC. “My decision is to remain NDC member, to help whoever will win the 24th August election to win the national one. And we are going work together.  I will sell my ideas to the party, I will sell my ideas to whoever will lead. Then together we are going to build a better Kpone Katamanso”.

He called on delegates that they should vote for him. “They should vote for Abraham Tettey Teye, number three on the ballot and we are going to together change the phase of Kpone Katamanso”.

“To my followers, we are all under the umbrella. But at this time in point we need only one person to lead us. Politics of insults should be avoided. No politics of discussing personality and not issues or politics of attacking person should also be avoided. Let’s engage in politics that will bring unity”.

“I call on them to support and to take and to accept whatever decision that may come out on 24th of August, in good faith”.

Abraham Tettey Teye is an accountant by profession, working with a shipping company in Tema, and also owns a number of private and a non-governmental organization. He is 42years and married.

He has pledged that if he is given the nod, he will pay particular attention to youth unemployment and then improving upon the road network with the Kpone Katamanso constituency.