Peter Nana Asiedu

Mr. Peter Nana Asiedu is one of the candidates who want to contest the 2020 parliamentary elections on the ticket of the NDC in the Bortianor Ngleshie Amanfro constituency. After successfully filing his nomination forms for the contest, caught up with him earlier this week for an exclusive interview.

When asked about how sure he was that he is the right contestant to battle the NPP’s Alhaji Habib Saad, he said the NPP had been beaten before and will be beaten again in 2020. “It’s not an impossibility” he indicated.

Responding to how the NDC’s parliamentary candidate loss to the NPP in 2016, he had this to say,

“Yes it’s true that Bright Demodzi lost to Alhaji Saad, but the circumstances at the time is not the same that we are having today. At that time things were quite different. The NPP came promising so many things which they knew they couldn’t deliver. Unfortunately most of the Ghanaian people bought into it and almost three years down the line, we can all see the failed promises, the inept governance and all the incompetence that has been displayed by the NPP both at the central government and the member of parliamentary levels.  And all these said done, I believe that I am the best suited candidate that can snatch the seat back from the NPP.  I am going to beat Alhaji Habib Saad hands down. I don’t think he will even come close to 30%. In my own opinion”.

According to Peter Nana Asiedu, all the seven aspirants who have successfully filed their nomination forms are good and some are even better; but he is sure that he is the best for the job.

“Looking at all the candidates, I am the best and I don’t need to wait for someone else to tell me. I will be able to better advocate for the needs and the welfare of our people in parliament”.

Peter Nana Asiedu said the NDC needs a competent person who can advocate in order to snatch the seat from Honourable Alhaji Habib Saad or whoever the NPP brings to contest for the seat of Bortianor/ Ngleshie Amanfro constituency in 2020 and he believes he is the right person.

“You need somebody who is analytical, critical and skeptical. Since the work of an MP is a job of legislature. In that sense, you need somebody who can make convincing, cogent and valid arguments to get the portion of the national cake which belongs to us. I can contribute to enrich the arguments in parliament for the benefit of the entire country”.

“Democracy can go wrong. Majority of the people can be wrong. Like we’ve all experienced, Alhaji Saad was a wrong choice. Alhaji Saad will not be a match, he cannot match me on anything. We can call for a debate on social, economic or political debate in this country. And in parliament, it’s all about debates so if you are unable to stand on your feet and advocate for your people, there is no need voting for you. He continued by saying that voting for Alhaji Saad was a waste of four years for the people of Bortianor, Ngleshie Amanfro Constituency”.

“He has not done anything tangible that we can hold on to say that during the tenure of Alhaji Habib Saad, this was what we benefited. There’s nothing to write home about” he quickly added.

Peter Nana Asiedu cautioned that one of the safety precautions that every sphere of life or every aspect of work is to take into consideration is that you don’t have to be over confident. “I know that the NDC can win but we can take it only with hard work. Let’s not forget that the NPP is in power, a lot of violence”. He mentioned the Ayawaso West-Wuogon Constituency bye election and how they descended on innocent Ghanaians as a perfect example. “That shows that the NPP does not let go anything easily even if doesn’t belong to them” he added.

In his view, he disagree with the notion that anyone contesting on the ticket of the NDC will win the seat in the constituency and then insisted that the NDC needed the right caliber of person in terms of competence, to be able match the NPP booth for booth.

“I will match Alhaji Habib Saad boot for boot and snatch the seat from him when given the mandate by the delegates in the Bortianor, Ngleshie Amanfro constituency”.

He called on all executives in the constituency to stand firm and know that if the right person is elected we would be able to get the seat easily. He urged the delegates to vote and vote wisely in order to disappoint aspirants that will give them money to bribe them for votes.

“Don’t take it as a bribe but rather take it as a gift and vote for competency, transformation, care, transparency, true leadership, and above all vote for advocacy come August 24th parliamentary primaries”.

“Peter Nana Asiedu is the right choice. I will not let you down, I will not falter, I will deliver to the satisfaction of all. Let us match our will and determination to this great responsibility that lies ahead of us. I believe that with unity, cooperation and mutual understanding, we shall all see the glorious fulfillment of our hopes and aspirations”. “Long live the NDC and Long live the Bortianor Ngleshie Amanfro Constituency”


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