The campaign team of Honorable Ernest Henry Norgbey has taken note of recent developments in the constituency especially on the various WhatsApp platforms. We have seen heated debates and exchanges among supporters of the aspirants, some of which are healthy and others not so healthy.

The upcoming parliamentary primary is an internal contest of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) which is expected to produce a candidate to lead us and win the 2020 general election. It is therefore in the best interest of our great party and in the interest of the candidates we seek to project that we run clean campaigns devoid of skating attacks on perceived opponents and gross disregard to the integrity and hard earned reputation of others. Let us base our messages on issues and make this contest a battle of ideas.

We, Team Ernest want our supporters to kindly consider the following during this period of the campaign:

1. We believe we have a good candidate, tried and tested and a message that resonates well among our respected delegates and the rank and file of our party.

2. An attack on any aspirant is an attack on a comrade and the party.

3. We are also committed to abiding by the regulations governing the primaries regarding our conduct before, during and after election.

4. In the interest of the party, we will not trade humanity and decency for votes.

We therefore call on all our supporters to show our commitment to the party and strive for unity at all times. Even when attacked or provoked, supporters are to only respond with the tremendous achievements that Ernest Norgbey has chalked within the limited 30 months that he has been in office.

We can protect the integrity and unity in our party even as we compete.






Team Ernest