By : Godwin Ako Gunn

The writings of a person or opinion thereof, will always tell the state in which he or she is . The fear of ‘NANA Y3N KA M’ASEM’ Addo Danquah is showing in the writings and critique of his administration. The new role is, distance the story from the President.

If it needs to be said, let it look like an attack on Gabby but not him.

Why will the military man who made a video on the intention to construct a new parliamentary chamber, exonerate the President and attack parliamentarians?. He has learnt the new rule. The simple reason is, exonerate him even though the budget to be presented is his !!! FEAR

Today, Manasseh is addressing Gabby in his write up and yet comparing Mahama and the uncle of Gabby. Don’t worry, I know what fear of one’s life does to a person who wants to show bravery in his writings. Can I blame you?; No !!! You just returned from exile. You are watching your steps or?

I appreciate your call on the current administration to brave up their failures, stop pointing fingers at the Mahama government. Good call, but Manasseh let the finger pointing start from you. You still look back to find new faults with the Mahama administration like Lot’s wife who turned to a pillar of salt . My brother, look forward because Mahama is in the future, his administration will be felt again. You can decide to see no evil hear no evil and speak no evil against your “god” .

Your worst attack on this administration is the people around him ” YET , NOT HIM “. Where does the fish rot from ?

My prayer for you is life. May you escape all those traps that the militia and the war lord has set before you, may He set a table before you in their presence. Ghanaians will need you alive to do another assessment of the next NDC government.

Manasseh, if I were you, every morning, I will dial…
*216# , *714*24# or download ndcghana app to make contributions to the party that cares about human life and the rights of media men.

Many of you thought the grass was going to be greener at the other side. Manasseh, let’s admit we have played 6 and lost .

Let’s look out for the better days ahead .

Kun fa Yakun