Ghanaians on Saturday night were shocked over news reports about the early retirement of Executive Secretary to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Superintendent Peter Lanchene Tuubo to contest as National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate in the Upper West Region.

The outspoken Police Office is to contest as a parliamentary candidate for NDC in the Wa West Constituency of the Upper West Region and will have to slug it out with veteran politician and former Minister of Health, Hon Joseph Yiele Chireh. has come across a reproduction of a live Facebook video in which Superintendent Peter Lanchene Tuubo bemoaned the level of corruption in the Ghana Police Service especially those assigned duties on the highways recounting his personal experience.

According to him, everybody is a potential criminal as well as corrupt and not the case peculiar only to the Ghana Police Service.

“Last Saturday I was going for a funeral with a friend. While we were returning from a funeral on a commercial vehicle, we got to a police checkpoint, the driver knew I was a police officer…I was sitting right by his side. He asked the mate for GHC5 and when he stopped, he attempted to get down from the vehicle to meet the police officer, I ordered him to sit and wait for the policeman to come to the car. He turned and looked at me and I asked him to sit down. I said do you know I am also a police officer and a senior police officer? I want to see what the police will do. The policeman came around, got into the bus, greeted the passengers and asked if there were any problems. He got down checked the driver’s license and said safe journey and the driver moved the vehicle. So I asked him why you were so quick to give the policeman money. What is he selling and what are you buying?” he asked.