Ghana to host first Africa Data Protection, Privacy Conference


The Ministry of Communications through the Ghana Data Protection Commission will be hosting the first Africa Data Protection and Privacy Conference from June 26th – June 27th, 2019 in Accra.

In partnership with the Network of African Data Protection Authorities, the conference marks an important milestone in the roadmap towards promoting the enactment of Data Protection and Privacy laws in Africa. 

Countries across the African Region are at varying stages in their journeys towards enacting Data Protection and Privacy laws and establishing Supervisory Authorities in response to the increased use of technology, the pace of digitization and the exponential growth of activity in the global cyberspace. 

The Africa Data Protection and Privacy Conference will convene established Authorities in Africa and Global North counterparts for thought leadership, insight, best practice and high-level strategic content, providing a critical platform for promoting Africa’s drive for Data Protection and Privacy laws in Africa. 

The Conference will focus on contemporary national and global issues such as the alignment between Privacy and the Right to Information; third-party contractors and the safeguarding of national databases; acceptable national identification and challenges specific to the region among others.